Shockray™ Key Features

Target MSRP: $595/device

Tactical Advantage
Combined OC and stun-gun features in single device

Belt Real-Estate Consolidation
User's option to remove items that the Shockray™ consolidates can provide them with more available belt space and/or flexibility

OC Discharge Range
OC stream delivery to target designed to reach between 20 - 25 feet

Engage Multiple Targets at Range
Easily carried OC pistol can be used for riot & crowd control

OC Reservoir Duration
Single reservoir designed to deliver between 25 to 30 seconds of continuous use before depleted. Extra OC magazines which are easily reloadable and refillable can be purchased and carried in anticipation of longer/larger situations. 

Detachable OC Magazine
Depleted reservoirs can be quickly detached and reloaded similar to a firearm magazine

Rechargeable Battery
Friendly to the environment and your budget

Rugged Design
Made with High-Impact Polymer and designed to be water-resistant in order to hold up to the demands of every-day carry

Simplistic Defense-Mode™ Settings
Designed with high-stress situations in mind, a simple thumb-press of the Defense-Mode™ button cycles through two options: (1) OC only, or (2) Stun-gun only. A third press turns the device off. 

Ambidextrous Flashlight & Laser Sight Operation
Great for nighttime visibility and target acquisition using OC deployment. Device also has standard mechanical sights. 

Stun-gun Safety Timeout
Device limits the aggregate time a user can stun a target to 15 seconds (i.e. three 5-second intervals). User can reset the stun-gun timer by recycling the Defense-Mode™ button.

No Risk of Penetration Injury to Suspect from Barbed Darts
No barbed darts are used in our device

1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
You protect communities for us and we stand behind our product for you 

The Two-In-One Product

Non-flammable & CEW-compatible pepper-spray pistol for ranged self-defense

Non-flammable & CEW-compatible pepper-spray pistol for ranged self-defense

Stunning attacker.png
Electrical stun-gun for close-quarter defense

Electrical stun-gun for close-quarter defense


Rod Sadler, Eaton County Sheriff's Office (Retired)
"The space savings, the cost, and two-in-one idea of this device is a novel approach to an old problem. I think this idea is long overdue, and will be a definite aid to law enforcement personnel"


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Private Security


Campus Police


Military Police